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A quality product in a growing niche

As a publisher we realize how important affiliates are for our business, that's why we make sure our affiliates have all the right tools and help to effectively build their income streams.

How can you know this product is worth your time?

New digital products are being launched every week. Lots of factors affect how well a product will do - amount spent on PPC, JV partners, the state of economy, among others. However, there is a consistent pattern that quality products in an established niche tend to outperform their counterparts in the long run. Unlike many similar products, we never oversell as it only creates frustrations and refunds. Instead, this solid as rock product does everything it claims - it helps people to relax and learn about positive psychology. According to Google's keyword suggestion tool, the keyword "Meditation" has a monthly search volume of  1.2 million, and it's growing.

$11 billion self help market
Every year more and more people spend on self improvement. It's a growing business.
 Great ROI for your time
No one likes refunds. Having a high quality product means you will get good returns from your time and PPC campaigns.
 Automated Billing & Security
We use a trusted, third party affiliate manager clickbank.com to track all sales, you can feel secured that you will get paid on time, every time.
 High payout ratio (75%)
Don't waste your time promoting products that pay you peanuts. This product pays you 75% of all sales you generated.


It's easy to start monetarizing your traffic

Once you decided to give this product a try, simply create a free account at clickbank.com so we know where to send the checks, you can then generate your unique affiliate links under the promote products tab - feel free to email me at help AT selfhelptree.com if you have problems doing so. There are lots of pre-made marketing materials you need in the affiliates section. If you have a blog or an opt-in email list, simply notify your visitors and members the launch of this products. Make sure you use the special affiliate URL so you will get paid. We welcome your feedback on this and other topics you would like to see.


For existing clickbank affiliates

The hoplink is http://YOURID.deeprelax.hop.clickbank.net/

Please make sure you change YOURID to your actual clickbank id, so I can pay you for your leads properly.


125 X 125 banner

<a href="http://YOURID.deeprelax.hop.clickbank.net/"><img src="http://www.selfhelptree.com/images/stories/125x125banner.jpg"></a>



250 X 250 banner


<a href="http://YOURID.deeprelax.hop.clickbank.net/"><img src="http://www.selfhelptree.com/images/stories/banner250x250.jpg"></a>



300X250 banner

<a href="http://YOURID.deeprelax.hop.clickbank.net/"><img src="http://www.selfhelptree.com/images/stories/banner300x250.jpg"></a>




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