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How To Deal With A Death In A Family
Death might be a normal, natural part of life, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with. When a family member dies, the loss can seem insurmountable. Well wishes, sympathy cards, tears and even knowing deep down inside that the pain will lessen at some point in the future generally will not make living in the now any more bearable. There are things you can do, however, to honor your loved one, keep their memory with you and pick up the pieces.

While there is no “quick fix” for the grieving process, these things might help you cope with the loss:
Allow yourself to feel the way you do – Following the death of a family member, your emotions will jump all over the place. In fact, a roller coaster might have nothing on you. This is perfectly acceptable. Give yourself permission to be sad, angry, lonely, lost and eventually reflective, melancholy and even happy.

Keep your loved one’s memory alive – Many people believe that if they live on in the memories of others they will not truly die. Keep your family member alive in your own memory by sharing stories with others, carrying a picture or even keeping something that has their favorite scent on it. A bottle of their favorite cologne or perfume can be an excellent way to conjure up your most special memories of the person. The sense of smell is the most intimately connected with memory. Whenever you want to “feel” like that person is close, smell the perfume or even sprinkle it on a pillow, blanket or shirt.

Honor your loved one – Funeral arrangement aside, do something special to honor your family member. Spend a day at a park that was special to them, visit their childhood hometown or just do something that the person enjoyed doing. You will feel connected to the person you lost and this can also help you come to terms with the loss.

Allow yourself to live – While this can be the hardest step to take following the death of a family member, it is, perhaps, the most important for honoring a memory. Whether you lost a grandparent, parent, spouse, child or someone else, that person would want you to go on and learn how to live and love life again. Give yourself permission to enjoy every positive experience you can soak up.

Losing a family member is one of the most difficult, heart-wrenching experiences to endure. When you are ready, keeping the memory of the person alive can help you come to terms with the loss and even help you understand that the person does live on inside you.