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Using Negative Events As A Catalyst For An Extraordinary Life
Terrible, sad and horrific events happen to good people all the time. It’s not fair, but it’s true. The reality is negative events surround almost everyone’s lives. What makes one person stand out from another is how they handle bad situations when they do arise. The truly extraordinary work through the pain and use it as a catalyst to rise above and excel.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve lost a job, suffered permanent injury or had a loved one taken from you through tragedy, you can choose the path you wish to follow into the future. The options available to you once the initial shock and grief have worn off are threefold. You can accept your fate and move on the same course you followed before the “event.” You can feel sorry for yourself and live in the past. Or, you can take the terrible experience and learn to grow from it and use it to mold an extraordinary life.

Now, what exactly is meant by “extraordinary” is entirely up to you. For some people, it’s making a ton of money or enjoying fame. Others, however, might define it as focusing energies into doing something – anything – with a passion. However you define extraordinary, you can take terrible events from your past and use them to craft the life you want. While there are no guarantees that you’ll become rich or famous, you can draw on past experiences and use them as a focal point to push you into a future that is filled with the pursuit of passion.

Extraordinary people who lead extraordinary lives are not necessarily “lucky.” Instead, many understand that life tends to include a series of events that can only be described as tragedy. Rather than live from day to day waiting for the next shoe to drop, these people take the time in between events to enjoy their existence, show compassion to others, soak up the little moments that mean everything. In short, they drink from the waters of life so as not to miss a single drop.

If you’re ready to stop waiting for the next negative event to happen and want to live – truly live – keep these things in mind:

It is okay to move on – Use the loss of one job to find a position that truly inspires you. Overcome physical limitations by remembering that where there is a mind, there is a will. Honor your loved one by living each day to the fullest. Let go of the past and focus on today.

It’s the small moments in life that matter – If you are constantly living for tomorrow, you might reach the “end” without ever having lived at all. Soak up the small moments and seize a little bit of happiness in each day.

No matter how bad a past event happens to be, you can work through it and create a life worth living. To work beyond and put yourself on the path to an extraordinary existence, focus on what truly matters to you and let nothing stand in your way.