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Free Happiness e-Course Part 1 of 7

This course will completely change the way you see yourself and the world around you. It is completely free, the only thing that requires of you is your intention to create a future unlike anything you have seen in the past. By the end of the 7 day course you will rediscover your inner peace. If more love, happiness and joy and will serve you, take a deep breath and begin lesson 1 with me.


Day 1: A new start for you

Day 2: Seeing the positive things in life

Day 3: Building relationships

Day 4: Overcoming procrastination

Day 5: The secrets of gaining self esteem

Day 6: What shame and guilt are you hiding


Day 1: A new start for you
Welcome to the happiness course. This course is designed to help you transform. In order to fully benefit from the transformational power of this course, it is recommended you do the exercise and use the free transformational tools provided on the website.

There are two things we can do to make ourselves happy. The first is to manage the problems that make us unhappy, and second, go out there and do something that make us happy.

First of all we need to identify what is holding us down, the sources of frustrations, the bad habits, and the unhealthy relationships. Everyday, we take our grudges, bitterness, passive aggressiveness, and unresolved issues with us everywhere we go. Unless we acknowledge their existence and proactively bring closures to them, we will continue to be stuck with these emotions,  that we probably don't need. Whenever I meet people struggling with their past mistakes and regrets, people who feel hopeless in the face of what is going on in their lives, I always share with them my favorite quote: "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

We are responsible for our previous choices and decisions, whether we like it or not. People will judge us, and not everyone will understand nor agree with why we made those decisions back then. But just because people don't have compassion for us doesn't mean we can't love ourselves. And perhaps it is even more important to give ourselves compassion, respect and love when we can't get them from others. Part of the reasons why we didn't make wiser decisions before was we didn't even know that better alternatives existed. As the old saying goes, when you know better you do better. Now we know better, we do better.

While it would be awesome if everyone around you adores you and treats you with respect, chances are they are too preoccupied to give you any love and attention. That's why we need self love and self respect. And more often than not, when we love ourselves, eat healthy, care for our own emotional needs, set strong boundaries and work hard towards our goals, we attract the right people and good things into our lives.

Sometimes toxic work environment and office politics put us in difficult positions which we must fight or face defeat. Over time, we get defensive, jaded and bitter. Passive aggressiveness, anger, the lack of empathy, all of those undesirable traits develop as a result of prolonged stress. So what to do? Every situation is different, and many psychologists agree that you don't have to be forgiving in every situation and to everyone. If you choose not to forgive the individuals who have hurt you at this point in time, make sure your emotional welllness don't suffer as a result. That is, it is fine to draw boundaries and even retaliate if you want to, but don't do it at the expense of your own wellness.

Now is also a good time to audit our own behaviors. Are we watching shows that make us feel bad? Drinking too much? Dating the wrong people? Addicted to sex or porn? Battling with drugs? In order to see noticeable differences and create a life beyond our own imagination we need to uncover why we do what we do, in order to replace self sabotaging behavior with a new set of behavior. I ask you to write down the list of behavior that you feel you need to change. You can either do it on paper or on a computer, make sure only you have access to it. We will need this later in the course.

Make peace with your past mistakes, worries, and frustrations. Remember as humans, we are both perfect and imperfect. You must give yourself permission to have a fresh start. If there is one takeaway I want you to remember, it would be leaving the past in the past and start loving yourself again. You have to promise me to stop belittling yourself, to stop engaging in all those self sabotaging behavior that leave you feeling resentful and tired.

Exercise: Write down a list of behavior you want to change, and make a list of activities that will make you happy. Listen to the FREE affirmation clips for as many times as you need.


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