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Goal Setting


We need to first figure out where we want to go before we can get there. What is the breakthrough that you dream about? A promotion? A healthier body? Find something that excite you. Make it your goal to achieve them.

List 2 goals that excite you
Try to make realistic yet concrete goals, once you've achieved these 2 goals we can take on additional ones.

How much time do you need to achieve these goals?

What specific tasks do we need to work on everyday if you want to achieve these two goals?

What help and tools would you need?
(e.g. Books on healthy diet, a tax accountant to help with your books)

In order to achieve this goal, you have to stay away from these distractions
e.g. "I need to get up early and not oversleep, so I will have enough time during the day to complete all my tasks"

How will I know that we have achieved the goal?

e.g. I know I have achieved this goal when I lost 5 kg

Every week, review your behavior to ensure they are helping you to move closer to our dreams. Don't beat yourself up if you could not commit 100% of the time. For now, as long as we are following the plan 90% of the time we are on track. Best of luck and please let us know how you go.