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1 Shake Your Shyness
Welcome to "Shake Your Shyness"-- a web site dedicated to helping people overcome shyness through education. On this site, we will explore the origins of shyness, treatment alternatives and resources available to help. But most importantly, you will see that shyness does not have to rule your life. In fact, we the shy people of the world are the true "silent majority," because somewhere over the course of our lifetime more than half of the adults in the United States and many other countries have struggled with shyness in one area of their life or another including . . . Barbara Walters, Johnny Carson, Henry Fonda, Former President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter, Farrah Fawcett Majors, Sigourney Weaver, Nicole Kidman, Sally Field, Ella Fitzgerald, Gloria Estefan and many many more. So, if you're one of the "silent majority," welcome to the club and know that you're in very good company. I know, because I'm a "recovering" shy person myself.
2 National Self Help Clearing House
The National Self-Help Clearinghouse is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1976 to facilitate access to self-help groups and increase the awareness of the importance of mutual support.
3 Custom Wall Phrases & Affirmations
Put positive affirmation words right in front of your room! Vinyl lettering is an exciting and artistic way to add interest and style to any room. Created with a precise, computer controlled vinyl-plotter, the high quality vinyl letters give the appearance of being painted with a professional finished look.
4 Self Growth
The Number 1 Self Improvement Site On The Internet!


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