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The art of guided mindfulness meditation
If I'm sure of anything, I am sure of this. Mindfulness and meditation can bring tremendous benefits to your life. Once you start practicing mindfulness meditation, you will see less self sabotaging behavior, less negative self talks and more compassion. If you practice mindfulness meditation often enough, you will feel more love than you have ever felt in a long time.

Guided mindfulness meditation can bring many benefits, in a recent study by Stanford University Medical Center, researchers found that patients who suffer from chronic insomnia saw improvements in their sleep patterns after practicing meditations. The relationship was found to be statistically significant, meditation was linked to reduced dysfunctional pre-sleep arousal.

There are many ways to practice mindfulness meditation. If you are new to meditation, I recommend you to begin with a 10-minute routine. Set aside 10 minutes, turn off the TV, dim the lights, find a comfortable spot and sit down. Begin by noticing your breathing, breath in slowly and deeply, until your lungs are full. Then breath out. Expel all stressful thoughts and worries. It is okay if you get distracted, just gently bring back your mind to your own breathing. Repeat the process until you are absolutely quiet.

As you sit still, feel the body sensations, take note of your breathing, your pulse, and the weight of your body. Accept them as what they are with no judgment. Appreciate that God has given you the wonderful gift of life so accept fully of who you are, your body and soul. Keep breathing slowly and deeply. Let go of thoughts with each exhale.

When your mind is completely quiet, you will enter a state which you will be open to love. In this meditative state, you will be very calm, yet completely awake. Your thinking will be replaced by feeling.  Instead of having thoughts and negative self talks running through your mind, you will have the clarity to see and accept things as they are, without the usual judgments and negativity.

If you prefer, you can fill your aroma diffuser with a few drops of essential oil. Many people find it easier to relax and quiet down when their room is filled with a perfect fragrance. Make sure that whatever fragrance you use, the smell is not too overpowering that distracts you from your meditation.

If you are like most people, you will find it easy to concentrate after a few sessions. There is no need to berate yourself if you have problems letting go of thoughts or concentrating. Understand that the more you meditate, the easier it becomes for you to let go of unwanted emotions. By forgiving yourself and giving yourself the chance to practice, you are practicing loving kindness towards yourself.