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Loving kindness meditation

Have you ever wished to get more love, more joy and more happiness, without spending a dollar? I am going to show you how to open your mind to receive unlimited amount of happiness.

Our suffering and unhappiness comes from our own perceived failures: Failure to stand up for ourselves, failure to complete a task which we are supposed to, or failure to look after ourselves. All these failures add up. Gradually, our disappointment turns into quiet anger, self hatred and depression.

If you keep berating yourself for your past mistakes or current problems, be aware that it is a wonderful thing to have self awareness. Not everyone has this gift of awareness to see that something about them can be improved. At the same time, I urge you to go easy on yourself, instead of overreacting to every failure, try to find effective ways to accomplish what you need to do, and be gentle and civilized with yourself at all times.

Loving kindness is a universal concept found in many religion, including Buddhism and Christianity. It is about accepting things as they are, it's kindness, good will, love, amity and friendship. In order to benefit from loving kindness, we have to alter our thoughts. There is no better way to start practicing loving kindness by giving ourselves love. Start to accept our own shortcomings. Notice that no one is perfect, so now is a good time to stop belittling yourself. When we are kind, friendly, honest, open and loving to ourselves, we gradually develop the emotional capacity to be kind to the people around us.

Here is a meditation exercise you can do if you want more love and more kindness. Start by finding a quiet spot to sit down. Then close your eyes, visualize a situation that has been bothering you, such as a rejection or a disappointing event. Visualize in black and white and in slow motion. Remember, you must watch the event in black and white only. Relive any anger and sadness of the event if you find it necessary to, and notice that as the unpleasant event is playing in front of you, you find the courage to face it, look right into it, and you are no longer scared or haunted by it. Feel the power that is developing within you. Repeat the playback for as many time as you want, however, each time it has to be black and white and in slow motion only. And be aware of your growing inner power as you watch the play back. Feel the light and the courage that starts to develop within you. Replay for as many times as you need to, and notice how these once traumatic experiences no longer bother you as much as it did.

When you are ready, visualize the same situation all over again, now in color, and in normal speed. This time,  visualize yourself handling the situation in a better way. In this mind movie, you are wiser, more confident, energetic, and charismatic. Feel your energy, your confidence and your ability to draw strong boundaries. See this wonderful person that is you. Learn that you can be whoever you want to be now, and whatever happened to you can no longer hold you back.

As you practice this loving kindness meditation, you will gradually let go of the negative self image and the past mistakes. You will learn to see that you can grow and evolve, and there is no need to drill on the past as long as you learn the lessons they are trying to teach you. You will gradually see that although we all have our imperfections, we also have a side that is very gorgeous, loving and wise.  When you start to develop this loving kindness towards yourself, you will have a better self image, and become ready to enjoy what life can offer.