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Have You These Symptoms Of Depression?
Depression affects many of us, it is important to learn that it is not your fault if you are affected by depression. Generally speaking, depression is not really about whether a patient wants to be happy, some behind the scene biological changes usually take place that result in depression. So, instead of beating yourself up every time you feel down, and belittling yourself for not being able to feel happy, learn the facts about depression and consult a doctor if you have the symptoms below.

Chronic procrastination
While it is normal that we procrastinate, if your procrastination habit is so serious that your daily tasks are affected, it is time for you to take action. Psychologists have found that individuals who can manage procrastination are happier and more productive, whereby individuals who are chronic procrastinators tend to have lower self esteem.

Hyper sensitivity
If you notice that you get upset over the tiniest things, or feel that people are always giving you dirty looks, this may be a sign of depression. Depressed individuals often have feelings of hopelessness, and hopelessness often leads to anger.

Feeling of worthlessness and guilt
It is important that we understand nobody feels upbeat and positive 24/7. Just because you don't feel as much joy as you used to doesn't automatically mean you have depression. It is better to first examine any circumstantial factors, such as the loss of a job, before you conclude that you have depression.

Low self esteem
If you know someone who goes from outgoing and social to extremely quiet and withdrawing, it is best that you check whether it is depression that has caused this sudden change in behavior. Depression can make individuals who otherwise have healthy self esteem to become tired and timid.

Loss of sex drive

One of the telling signs of depression is the sudden loss of sex drive. If you have problems getting excited about sex, and at the same time you lose interests in other hobbies, you may want to check whether depression gets the best of you.

If your answer is YES to more than 2 items above, it is best that you see a doctor to determine whether you suffer from depression.

Meditation can help you minimize these symptoms. Through alertness and mindful breathing, you can let go of all thoughts that bother you. Instead, you will enter a state of complete tranquility. Guided meditation can also help you to improve concentration, memory and emotional well being. Learn how to release toxic emotions, turn emotional wounds into spiritual nourishment and gain the courage to reinvent yourself with a free preview of the depression relief meditation.