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The proper way to meditate


When you sit down and look at all the different forms meditation can take on, it can be a little confusing to determine the best path to take. Is it wisest to follow Buddhist practices? Perhaps Christian meditation makes more sense? Maybe the smartest way to go involves something entirely different? How can you tell which way is the right way?

The answer actually lies within you. The fact of the matter is the proper way to meditate is the manner that speaks to you on a personal level. If you’re comfortable with a particular style and you’re reaping the many benefits meditation can bring into your life, you are doing it the right way.

To be certain, the positive impacts of meditation can have effects that touch every aspect of your life. This practice, in whatever form works for you personally, can reduce stress, help you focus your thoughts more directly, enable you to overcome negatives and more.

If you want to gain from meditation, you’ll want to make sure that whatever form you choose enables you to:

  • Unwind – Stress is an absolute killer. While meditation won’t stop your boss from breathing down your neck, it can help you let go of the baggage you bring home from the experience. The idea behind relaxation meditation is to take a mental vacation of sorts from the stresses of daily life by gently guiding the mind to focus on more positive and/or serene thoughts.

  • Relax the body – The muscles can store a tremendous amount of tension and stress. This can have serious physiological implications. Mediation is designed to help alleviate this tension and let not just the mind, but also the body relax.

  • Focus the mind – Meditation won’t necessarily remove all the negatives from your life, but it can help you focus on the positives. When you get into the swing of daily, weekly or occasional meditative sessions, you’ll learn to focus your mind on positive thoughts that can lessen stress and influence your life in a very good way.

  • Be comfortable – Meditation can seem “weird” to beginners. With this in mind, it’s a very good idea to select a style that makes you feel comfortable. Maybe you don’t want to get into the religious/spiritual aspects of the practice. That’s okay! You can still reap the benefits by guiding your practice toward basic stress reduction.

Meditation can take on many forms. While this practice is rooted in religious and spiritual beliefs, this doesn’t mean its rewards cannot be felt by those who prefer a more utilitarian style.