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7 things meditation taught me about life

It’s not necessary to subscribe to Buddhist teachings to understand that this man was truly on to something.  Although he lived and died hundreds of years before Christianity’s rise, this spiritual man set forth lessons that are as relevant today as they were when they originated.

If you think it’s all hype and claptrap, consider the seven things that Buddha has taught me about life. While his teachings encompassed much more than seven points, these seven wisdoms have impacted my existence on a very personal level and perhaps they will touch you, as well. The seven beliefs that have guided me are:


  • That all things in life are connected and they are never “lost” – Buddha believed that nothing in the universe is ever lost in truth. When a plant or animal dies, for example, its remains nourish the soil, which then bursts forth with new life. In this way, we have always been and we will always remain. We are connected to everything around us.
  • That we truly reap what we sow – The law of cause and effect espoused by Buddha puts forth that our own karma is responsible for who we are in the present. Our actions come back on us for the betterment or worsening of our futures. If we behave well, good things will happen. If we do harm, bad things will result.
  • There is a right way to view the world – Buddha believed that how we think about the world around us and our own lives can have a great impact on our existence. If we view the world through eyes tempered with compassion and wisdom, we will walk on the path of a more meaningful existence.
  • There is a right way to think and speak – Positive, strong, healthy and kind thoughts build good people. When we think with kindness and speak in the same manner, our lives will be enriched by others’ respect and trust for us.
  • Our efforts matter – Living a meaningful and rich live can be achieved when we seek to do our best and never harm others.
  • That meditation matters – Buddha believed heavily in the benefits of meditation and its ability to help people gain insight and concentration. This ancient practice remains as relevant and important today as it was thousands of years ago.
  • That worldly possessions do not by themselves make a person rich – Buddha recognized that luxuries do not put an end to suffering.  He taught that living a life that is motivated by kindness and enlightenment will result in more happiness than material possessions and glut.

Although Buddha walked the earth thousands of years in the past, his teaching remains as fresh and exciting today as when they were first shared with the world.