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What Do People Think Of When They Meditate?


Meditation is a practiced and proven way to unwind, let go of stress and focus the mind on more important issues. Getting into the swing of this ancient undertaking, however, does take some effort. If you’ve been considering mediation and just aren’t sure how to go about it or worry that it’s silly, chances are you’ll be surprised to find out what some people think about and concentrate on when they’re meditating.


The thing to remember is that meditation is a highly personalized pursuit. What works to help relax and focus one person might not be effective for another. Anyone who wants to reap the benefits of meditation needs to find the best focal point for personal satisfaction.


So, what do people think of when they’re meditating? Some of the more common focal thoughts do vary and include such things as:


  • Negative things in their lives – Some people meditate by visualizing the negative influences and events in their lives. They see themselves letting go of these issues and accepting things that cannot be changed. In doing so, they let go of some of the power these negatives have over them.
  • Positive influences – On the other side of the coin, some people prefer to focus only on the positives. In doing so, they build themselves up by tapping into the positive energy good thoughts can produce. In turn, the stress of negative influences tends to melt away.
  • Their bodies – Focusing in on one’s own body is a common meditative practice for relaxing a person mentally and physically. This line of meditative thinking tends to start at one end of the body and will work towards the other. During the process, the person meditating focuses in on specific body parts and channels thoughts to make those parts relax, heal and feel better. As the process moves forward, stress tends to release from head to toe.
  • Positive visualization – Similar to focusing in on positive influences in one’s life, this process calls for visualizing positive outcomes from future actions. It can relax a person prior to an upcoming event and can help them achieve goals by giving them the ability to “see” the outcome they desire.
  • Specific objects or thoughts – When clearing out all the clutter that tends to plague the mind is the plan, very narrow focus meditation can help. This form of meditation will have a person focus all thoughts and energies on a specific singular object, such as a feather, or a very specific word, phrase, saying or prayer. The idea is to force the brain to focus on a singular and let go of the cacophony of thoughts that tend to swirl around – even if just only for a short while.

Meditation is a proven way to focus the mind, relax the body and let go of stress. For beginners, the process can seem awkward and even a little silly. With a little dedication, this ancient practice can have very positive impacts on people’s lives.