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Can You Teach Yourself To Meditate?

You’ve heard about the many fantastic benefits of meditation and wonder if this ancient practice is something that might work in your life. After all, you could use a little more focus and a whole lot less stress. Despite the proven perks of meditation, however, you’re a little uncomfortable at the thought of taking formalized lessons. You’d feel “silly,” or, perhaps, you’re worried about the cost.

If this is the predicament you find yourself in, relax! It is possible to teach yourself how to meditate if you’re willing to work at it. While those who have discovered the benefits of meditation spend their lives practicing the art to take it to new plateaus, the most basic advantages can be felt even if you teach yourself the ropes in the comfort of your own home.

So, what do you need to get started in learning how to meditate?

There are quite a few things to consider if you plan on tackling this on your own. To get started, you’ll need:

A quiet place – Effective meditation requires that the mind and body are both relaxed and freed up from the distractions and invasions of the workaday world. With this in mind, it’s best to practice mediation in a room that’s quiet, comfortable and free from major distractions. While a skilled practitioner might be able to concentrate on meditation in a crowded room with a television blaring, chances are you will not be able to at the start. Give yourself a break by selecting a spot you find personally calming and serene.

A focal point – For beginners, it’s often best to have a focal point to look at during meditation. If this doesn’t work, a focal thought will do. Whether you look at a simple object or think about floating on air, having something to concentrate on will enable you to let go of negative thoughts and distractions. The key is to focus in on something specific and let the rest of the mind’s baggage go for at least a little while. Have a particular game plan worked out in advance of getting started.

Written materials – It’s not a bad idea to read up on different meditative practices and techniques before getting started. A little advice can go a long way.

– You don’t really need to dedicate a tremendous amount of time to meditation to reap the rewards. Even blocking out 20 minutes a day or every other day can help you get started in this practice that can have positive ripple effects throughout your life.

While it’s nice to gain the benefits of instruction, this is not always necessary to enjoy the rewards of meditation. If you want to dive in to this practice, you can teach yourself the ropes.