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Recharge Yourself With A Warm Bath


When there’s a need for a little rest and relaxation, but a day off just isn’t feasible, all isn’t lost. Rather than throw in the towel on de-stressing, you can get clean instead. There’s nothing like a long, warm bath to recharge the body and mind.

If unplugging for a little while sounds like a plan, warm baths are an excellent way to get the job done. Plus, they can still appeal to your sense of practicality since you do have to get clean! Why not forgo the 10-minute shower in favor of a half-hour bath? You deserve it, after all!

There are a number of ways to make the most out of a warm bath for lessening stress, relaxing the mind and easing tension from the body. Pick whatever variation on the standard appeals to your sensibilities. Some options for turning a plain bath into a “decompression” chamber include:

Plain bubbles – There’s just something fun about soaking in a bubble bath. Even if you just grab some of your children’s bubbles, this addition can make the experience even more relaxing.

Candlelight – Turn off the bright bathroom lights in favor of a few lit candles. This is a great way to lessen your stress and enable you to relax your body, mind and even your eyes. To increase the pleasure, considering bringing in a great book to read while you soak up the warmth. Add a bath pillow to the mix and you might need an alarm clock to remind you to get out!

– The bath is one of the best places to put this stress relieving practice into play. By adding aromatherapy candles to the experience, you can enjoy a double dose of calming. If candles aren’t your thing, consider aromatherapy bath oils, salts or bubbles. Not only will the scents calm and relax you, they’ll leave you smelling great, too.

Musical therapy
– Listening to music while laying back in a warm bath is an excellent way to relax, let go and focus the mind on more important things. Pick whatever music sings to your soul, set the bath the way you like it and enjoy.

Meditation – It is perfectly acceptable to enjoy bath time and meditation time together. Let your mind wander to a more relaxing place while the warm water eases tension in your muscles. The combination can be incredible for rejuvenating not only the body, but also the soul.

It’s not always necessary to plan anything special or elaborate to enjoy some serious relaxation. In fact, it’s hard to top a nice warm bath for helping with de-stressing at the end of a long day.