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Chakra Meditation Helps You Tap Into Your Inner Power

The ancients believed that with each of us reside a number of different power centers that drive us both physically and spiritually. Known as chakras, these centers are connected with different systems in the body. They are also tied with such things as wisdom, insight, awareness, impulses, spirituality and more. When the chakras are in balance, the body and soul are, too. When they are out of balance, strife occurs. Chakra meditation seeks to help people identify these power systems in their own bodies and can enable them to unlock and balance the energy within.

Chakra meditation tends to be a very guided and focused undertaking. Learning the process involved in chakra meditation isn’t difficult, but mastery of the practice can be. With a little focus and dedication, however, even beginners can begin to recognize and enjoy the benefits of bringing the body – mind and soul – into alignment.

Guided chakra meditation programs will very frequently be broken down into a number of lessons. Initially, chakra meditation might seek to help you recognize each of these power centers that run in a line along the spine. Eventually, lessons will focus on tapping into individual centers.

  • The number of chakras identified in meditation can vary. The ancients, and many modern practitioners, say there are seven chakras. They are:
  • The root – Also known as the first chakra, the root lies just above the groin and relates to the physical body and emotions alike.
  • The sacral – The second chakra focused on in charka meditation is found just above the groin. It is associated with deep emotions such as pleasure, love and passion.
  • The solar plexus – In chakra meditation, focusing on the third chakra can help with will power, self-control and other authority-driven actions.
  • The heart – This chakra is the one that is responsible for compassion, forgiveness and true, conditional love.
  • The throat – The fifth chakra is a center for creativity and communication.
  • The third eye – Located just above the eyes, this chakra is connected with a person’s spiritual self. Tapping into this can raise awareness and help connect the body to the mind and soul.
  • The crown – The final chakra in the ancient system is responsible for unifying the human self with the spiritual self.

Chakra meditation can teach you how to feel these power centers and tap into them to gain balance, direction and peace. Considered a powerful form of healing meditation, chakra meditation can be learned in little time, but it can take a lifetime to truly master.