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The link between meditation and reduced emotional interference
Does meditation reduce emotional interference? A recent research [1] found that mindfulness meditation practitioners showed less interference from affective pictures and reported higher psychological well being. The experiment divided participants into 3 groups according to their meditation practice: mindfulness, relaxation and no intervention (did not practice any meditation). Participants from both the mindfulness and relaxation meditation groups reported increased well being, however only the mindfulness group was able to reduce emotional interference from unpleasant pictures .

Compassion fatigue is a common problem among psychologists and therapists [2] . Dealing with patients who often went through traumatic situations, from domestic violence to serious accidents, many therapists and psychologists reported emotional exhaustion. With the latest finding indicating that mindfulness meditation can reduce the emotional interference from negative visual stimuli, it may suggest that therapists who want to improve their own well being and effectiveness by practicing mindfulness meditation.

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