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What you can expect from meditation
While meditation is scientifically proven to lower stress and improve well being, each person's reason of practicing meditation and mindfulness is a personal one. Some see it as a way to support their immune system against illnesses, others see it as a means to reduce unnecessary stress, examine their daily choices and unconscious motivations.

It is now widely accepted by scientists that continuous elevated stress is linked to cardiovascular diseases and accelerated physiological aging.
[1] As a society, we work longer hours with fewer days off, leisure becomes a luxury. Sleep disturbances, headaches and depression are common.

The good news is, it takes only a small amount of time to enhance well being using meditation, especially it can be done at home. Even doing the most mundane things, such as eating a raisin, is a form of mindfulness meditation if we do it attentively. If you decided to take a class or join a program, it will be beneficial to ensure the instructor is qualified and is right for you. A good well being teacher should be able to teach you how to walk, talk and sit mindfully.

A typical week-long mindfulness meditation program will also include a silence period, usually a day, which participants are told to sit alone and not to communicate with each other, neither verbally nor non-verbally. This solitary period is designed to quiet your mind and for you to acknowledge your own presence. [2]


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