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Guided meditation prayer

If you're looking for guided meditation prayer, you've come to the right place. Praying is a good way to interact with god, heal our emotional wounds and let go of negative thoughts. It's easy to see why people with great compassion like Ghandi and Mother Theresa pray everyday. Spend 5 minutes every morning to listen to the voice within, here is my guided meditation prayer for love and wisdom.


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Dear God, please let me see my infinite possibilities. Give me the wisdom to see myself not just as who I am but also who I can be.

Give me the courage to try new things, to create a future unlike my past.

Give me the confidence I need to get rid of old habits

I want the ability to love unconditionally and laugh a lot, to make positive changes in my life.

Help me please and give me the power to change. Today, I want all my anger, hatred and fear to turn into wisdom, confidence and love.

Give me protective lights so I can spread wisdom, love and happiness. I shall be the light to others, to people who need it.

Thank you God.