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Melt away stress with guided meditation download
You are busy at work. You just learned that a colleague has sent a nasty email to the boss about you. Your phone is ringing, you suddenly realized your bills are overdue again, and Rebbecca from the other team is trying to steal your boyfriend.

You need a break. Not just that but you need something nice and relaxing, you need it right now. Meditation can help you. Try bringing meditation classes with you anywhere you go. How? By downloading them to your mp3 player.

I always have a selection of meditation music, inspirational podcasts and guided meditation and affirmation clips on my ipod. Because our lives are so busy and so complicated, it is even more important to look after our emotional wellbeing. For many of us, our jobs are satisfying. However very often they don't really attend to our emotional and creative needs. As humans we can be numerical and exacting but at times we also want to be a little creative and imaginative. If you work in high stress industries such as finance, health care, marketing and law, you may want to look after yourself by spending a few minutes every afternoon to refresh yourself with some snacks and fresh juices. By having something positive and relaxing in your mp3 player, you know that you have something to fall back onto in case you have to work overtime late into the night to finish a project or run into some irrational, difficult people.

Guided medtiation can improve your productivity and work performance too. In between important meetings and scary events such as presentation or public speaking, calm down and mentally rehearse the event. Psychologists found that top atheletes achieve their top performance by having adequate perparation and plenty of mental rehearsal. So when the big day actually comes there is nothing new. This type of mental rehearsal works for the rest of us too. When you face a difficult challenge, listen to special guided meditations can help you improve concentration and ease anxiety. SelfHelpTree.com has a peak performance meditation that serves this purpose.

What if you're overwhelmed? I recommend you take a step back, to prioritize. It is no easy task, every item on the list looks important, but some of them are indeed more urgent. I urge you to attend to tasks that are both urgent and important, then tasks that are important, put aside things that are urgent but not really important. By classifying and prioritizing, you can better manage your life and reduce unnecessary stress.

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