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What is Self Help Tree?

Self Help Tree is a multimedia self discovery & meditation program. Through downloadable guided meditation and online courses, you will learn the essentials of positive psychology, mindfulness, zen and meditation. It will also help you release any unwanted thoughts and addictions.

Through guided imagery meditation, you will visit a peaceful beach at dusk, fly over a well illuminated city at night, or find enlightenment in a magical garden. These relaxation journeys are designed to help you to find balance, harmony and happiness. In 12 weeks, you will be calmer, happier and have more energy. We back up this claim with an 8-week, full money back guarantee.

There are no stress, no pressures and no deadlines, as the program is completely self paced. The course is designed by a group of psychological experts and meditation teachers who have years of experience in the field of psychology and self help. Regular meditation is linked to better health, and is proven to improve concentration and creativity.


Learn how meditation can make you happier 


Getting Started is Easy

Feel good anytime, anywhere
You can save this program to your mp3 player and play it anytime, anywhere.
Fill yourself with positive thoughts
It's easy to develop positive thinking. Our program is designed to help you see the good things in life, raise your confidence level and find happiness.
Relax completely
You can download the meditation lessons and start relaxing immediately. You will be guided by a soothing and deep female voice to a meditative state where wisdom and happiness await.
Free templates and tools
You can get free downloadable templates, worksheets and spreadsheets to help you achieve your goals.
No reading required
You will relax and learn about positive psychology from the audio program, no reading required.
Customize your program
The program is completely self paced, you can arrange the order of classes any way you want to. You can revisit any topics any time.
Satisfaction guarantee
We offer a risk free, 8-week money back guarantee. If you don't feel the benefits within 8 weeks, we will gladly give you a full refund, no questions asked.